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BuyMyPhone.com is dedicated to providing the best prices and easiest way to get money for your used devices.
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1. Locate your Device and get an offer

Select your device from the icons above, you will next need to tell us a little about it. The description of the device along with its condition will determine your estimated offer. Next, add it to your cart and continue searching for devices you want to sell. Once completed, you will select the method of payment, either PayPal or Check.

2. Ship your Devices - Free Shipping

Simply print your free USPS shipping label and you are ready to pack it up! Pack your device with some old news paper or bubble wrap and tape the label to the box. Typically items will arrive within 3-5 days.

3. Receive Payment For Your Devices

Once you have shipped us your device, our professional team will inspect and test the device and make sure that it matches the information supplied. All of your data will be securely wiped clean. After the device is checked and validated your money will be sent lightning fast.